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Go-Live Timeframe: 10 business day(s)
Expedited Timeframe: 5 business day(s)
Minimum Term: 12 month(s)
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Port Configuration
Capacity (Mbps) BGP Routes IPv4 Prefix Included IPv6 IPv6 Prefix Included Extra Prov Days Minimum Commit (Mbps) Committed Rate (Per Mbps) Burst Rate (Per Mbps) Monthly Fee Setup Fee
1000 Yes Full /30 Yes /64 0 500
Discounts and Fees
Discount Setup Fee Monthly Charge
Two-Year Term
Up-front Payment
Fee Setup Fee Monthly Charge
Expedited Provisioning
Sub 1-year Term
  • Aggregate Commit
  • Can configure VLANs on Port (eg, for MPLS)
  • Owns and Operates Eyeball Networks
  • Port Directly Connected to Backbone